The new non-album single by Spacehotel has been released (14th June 2019)

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The new non-album single by Spacehotel has been released (18th January 2019)

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Truth of the Universe

New non-album single by Spacehotel has been released (19th September 2017)

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Stereo Girl

The first new Spacehotel single of 2017 has been released! (28th May 2017)

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Rewind 25

The song you may or may not have heard on Season 3, Episode 1, of ABC's "The Goldbergs" was originally released in 2009!

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Full On EP

The first official Spacehotel release from 2008. The 3 track "Full On EP" is available on iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay.

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Coming soon...

More singles and a new 11 track album on the way.

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"Good luck with your music"

Andy Taylor
(Duran Duran, The Power Station)

"listening to Spacehotel 'Rewind 25' - so cool - like INXS, Duran and New Order rolled into one!"

Mark Tinley
(Engineer/producer Duran Duran, Gary Numan, Dandy Warhols...)

"Just been checking your stuff out, impressive...."

Rick Witter
(Shed Seven)

About Spacehotel

Spacehotel is the creation of Coventry, England born Singer/Songwriter/Musician and Producer Paul Timson.

Paul began creating music as a child in the 80s. His first interest was with keyboards, around the age of 8, after his mother bought an old second hand upright piano. Although he couldn't yet play it properly, it started an addiction to keyboards & synthesizers.

He had a short affair with bass when he got his first one at 14, inspired by wanting to play the 'Notorious' bassline (Duran Duran). Soon the bass was forgotten again for almost 10 years while synthesizers, piano and singing became the focus.

Paul luckily got to meet one of his musical heroes, Damon Albarn in 1995. It was an aftershow party, post Sheffield Arena Blur gig, at the Leadmill. After talking with a less than sober Graham Coxon (a big influence on his future guitar playing) for ten minutes, he got to chat to Damon. Paul was there with a guitarist friend who was in his band at the time but other than that he was basically alone in a corner of the small annex bar with Damon for over 30 minutes. Albarn was very talkative and kind and didn't seem to grow tired of the questions and small talk. At one point Paul told him he was in a band and asked Damon, tongue in cheek, if he had any songwriting tips? With a smile he replied "just write songs...", which was probably the best advice Paul has ever had even to this day, and was basically stating what Paul had already felt, and had been doing since he was a child. There is no formula, especially if you are doing it for the love of music and not as a business plan. If you want to create then create.

After that meeting (though not because of it) Paul went solo for good using the name "Outsider" and made two demo albums.

The idea of creating albums, multitracking and conceptualising musical themes had been there since his first childhood 'instrumental tape' made when he was 11 or 12. It was making abstract ideas or feelings into actual songs and the challenge of production of them that drove Paul as much as wanting to be in "a band". The desire for fame was rarely prominent (for better or worse), the music was made for the love of music and the enjoyment of turning an idea into reality.

Paul Timson

"Outsider" changed to "Spacehotel" in 2000. The new name was taken from an old Outsider demo 'Cold Reception' that contained a sample from a BBC documentary talking about the future. The two words were stuck together, as you do, and then the music continued!

Lots of new songs were written in the 2000-2002 period, and some were released as demos on the internet and early fans were mostly hearing these demos. In 2008 the first official release, 'Full on', a 3 track e.p was released as digital download on iTunes and that started the ball rolling properly.

A number of other singles (and some demos) were released over the next 3 years or so.

In August 2014 the Spacehotel song "Rewind 25" (2009) was featured in a prominent scene in the USA network show "RUSH" (Starring Tom Ellis) with a viewing audience of just under 2 Million for the episode. Later it went on to feature in a party scene in ABC's "The Goldbergs" with around 8 Million viewers on initial airing and many more millions as the series was played (and repeated) around the world.

In 2017 the first new single in some years, 'Stereo Girl' was released. This marked a kind of 'reboot' for Spacehotel. This and the follow up single ('Truth of the Universe') both got played on BBC Radio's Local BBC Introducing shows.

More exclusive non album singles and the first Spacehotel album are currently being recorded!

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